sermon on the mount
The  Sermon
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Messages from Jerry Bishop 

Lanse Baptist Church
This sermon is Christ's greatest sermon.  It announces the Kingdom as being here in the King.
It  describes kingdom living here and now.  It provides a mirror so we can see:  
1)  "Am I a genuine disciple?"  
2)"Am I a pleasing disciple?".  
(These audio sermons are listed from last to first).


2/26/12    The two ways pt. 3   The most fearful words in the Bible
Not everyone who says Jesus is Lord  has eternal life.  It is the "doers" not the "talkers"  Matt. 7:21-3
2/19/12    The two ways pt. 2    Look out for wolves,  Matt.  7:15
2/12/12    The two ways pt. 1  Enter the narrow gate,  Matt. 7:13-14
2/5/12      Ask, Seek, Knock (ask because He is your Father),  Matt.  7:7-11
1/15/12    Judgmentalism, pt. 3  Romans 14
1/15/12    The problem with judgmentalism, Matt.  7:1-5
1/8/12      Who are you to judge?  Matt.  7:1-5


12/4/11      Seek first the Kingdom,  Matt.  6:33
11/20/11    Don't be anxious for your life,  Matt. 6:25ff
11/13/11    Who is your master, God or gold?  Matt. 6:21-24
11/6/11      Seeking true riches,  Matt. 6:19ff
10/30/11    The Lord's Prayer:    Lead us out of temptation,
10/23/11    The Lord's Prayer:    Forgive us our debts,
10/16/11    The Lord's Prayer:    Give us our daily bread,
9/25/11      The Lord's Prayer:    Thy will be done,
9/18/11      The Lord's Prayer:      Thy Kingdom come,
9/11/11      The Lord's Prayer:      Living for the glory of God
9/4/11        Intro to the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father"  Matt.   6:9
8/28/11      The Dangers of Hypocrisy,   Matt.  6:1-8


8/21/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  Loving your enemies, The most powerful thing you will ever do!
7/31/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  Loving your enemies, The hardest thing you will ever do!
7/24/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  Don't seek revenge,
7/17/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  Let your yes, be yes.
6/26/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  The Sacred duty of marriage.  pt. 2
6/12/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  The Rabbis, divorce and the essence of marriage, pt. 1
6/5/11      Christ's Six Contrasts:   Lust and adultery, pt.  2
5/29/11    Christ's Six Contrasts: Lust and adultery,  pt. 1
5/22/11    Christ's Six Contrasts:  Hatred and murder,  
5/15-11      The heart of the Sermon on the Mount:   Christ and Scripture
5/8/11        Being Salt and Light

The Beautitudes:  The character of genuine disciples.

5/1/11        Happy are the Harassed,  pt. 2
4/17/11      Happy are the Harassed, pt. 1
4/10/11      Blessed are the Peacemakers,
4/3/11        Blessed are the Pure in Heart,
3/27/11      Blessed are the Merciful,
3/20/11      Blessed are those who Hunger for Righteousness,
3/13/11      Blessed are the Gentle,
3/6/11        Blessed are those who Mourn,
2/27/11      Blessed are the Broken,